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Episode #6: Cyber Insights by SOSA with Dimitri Sirota, CEO BigID

William Altman

Senior Analyst at SOSA

Jun 25, 2020

From mobile-contact tracing to online behavioral tracking we are witnessing the redefining of personal data protection and privacy in the digital age. In turn, technologies for safeguarding our sensitive identity data have never been more important.

In episode 6, William Altman interviews Dimitri Sirota, CEO of BigID. With BigID, businesses can discover, manage, and secure personal and sensitive data across the entire data ecosystem.

Dimitri answers questions on his company’s mission, his most top-of-mind cybersecurity trend in 2020, whether or not corporations are starting to equate privacy with good business, the value vs. ethics of surrendering PII and forgoing privacy for public benefit, and more.

Check out the full interview in the video above, or skip to the most relevant questions:

(1:03) Q1: What does your company do and how do you do it?

(1:44) Q2: When you think about cybersecurity trends today, ranging from threats to regulations (ex. ransomware, PII theft, nation-state threats, regulations, etc.) what is top of mind for you in 2020?

(3:08) Q3: Why are corporations today (even if only PR) taking users’ privacy so seriously? Is it all a response to new privacy regulations including GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, or is it in response to something else? Are corporations starting to equate privacy with good business?

(4:37) Q4: I’m reading that Google and Facebook are discussing plans with the White House to share data on people's movements to help understand the coronavirus pandemic. What are your thoughts on the value vs. ethics of surrendering PII and forgoing privacy for public benefit?