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In 2018, New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) announced the launch of Cyber NYC, a $30 million “catalyzing” investment designed to rapidly grow the city’s ecosystem and infrastructure for cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity is of increasing strategic importance to companies, institutions, and consumers. Recent cyberattacks on financial institutions, retail businesses, media companies, and healthcare institutions underscore the increased importance for businesses and institutions to invest in protecting against cyberattacks. Consequently, cybersecurity is a major area of economic growth and is projected to reach $170 billion in global spending by 2020.

As part of this initiative, the city of New York partnered with SOSA to establish the Global Cyber Center (GCC), that will foster the entire prism of activities, engaging with all stakeholders in the cybersecurity industry. Located in the heart of New York City, the center offers corporate innovation programs, business development and investment opportunities, and serves as the main hub for all cybersecurity related activities in New York City and its surrounding areas.

Activities Include

Corporate Innovation

Scouting and deal flow,
Workshops and demo days

Investors Sessions

Expert panel series, Office hours,
Angel investing bootcamps

Talent Development

Hackathons, Student open days,
Hot desks, Jobs Portal

Startup Development

Founders exchange programs,
Landing Pad, Mentorships

Governments and
Cities Programs

Landing Pad, Workshops

Content Sessions
and Events

Cybersecurity masterclasses,
Meetups, Competitions

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Partners Testimonials

Our collaboration with SOSA over the past three years has continued to prove itself over and over again both in New York and Tel Aviv. We have been extremely impressed by the companies we've met through SOSA, and many of them have been considered for a POC stage to become part of the RBC vendor universe. Just this past October, following a few months of tech scouting and meetings, SOSA introduced us to 13 companies at a demo day held at the Tel Aviv hub. The meetings were outstanding, with many follow-up conversations with many of them.”

Sasson Darwish

Managing Director, Global Investment Banking at RBC Capital Markets

The first step is to identify the business requirements. Then, a need to scout the various technologies and which ones can be adapted to the insurance industry, define a clear and tight schedule to complete the proof of concept phase and finally, understand the challenges we would face if we decide to adopt the technology. SOSA’s knowledge and insight of the startup ecosystem is invaluable to success.”

Niv Raz

CTO, Harel Insurance

“We came to Israel and used SOSA as a source to bring some very innovative companies, in a very innovative format so our teams would have something exciting to look at and listen to. I think we were very successful finding 5 great companies. One won, but we wound up with four more relationships. And even some of the seen companies will have things we’ll be using over the next few years.”

Mitchell Weinstock

Partner HP Tech Ventures

One of the things that I really love about this process is how a big company like HP can really open its doors and can actually say: We don't know everything, we can't invent everything ourselves. We need help from the startup community, especially that community here in Israel"

Andrew Bolwell

Chief Disrupter and Global Head of HP Tech Strategy and Ventures

In joining Tokio Marine Group in Sept 2019, my priority was to quickly develop a launchpad for our cyber activities.  Partnering with SOSA helped us accelerate our open innovation activities in Israel in no time, knowing that SOSA analysts cover the Israeli tech ecosystem and have the knowledge to provide us with a highly curated deal flow of advanced technologies. The Global Cyber Center that SOSA is about to launch and operate in NYC will further increase our visibility into these emerging and exciting verticals, providing Tokio Marine Group with insights and opportunities into the ecosystem"

Daljitt Barn

Global Head Of Cyber Risk, Tokio Marine Holdings

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