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Episode #2: Cyber Insights by SOSA with Jordan Brandt, CEO Inpher

William Altman

Senior Analyst at SOSA

Apr 10, 2020

Technologies that enable enterprises to analyze encrypted information without revealing any secret information are ushering in a new privacy first computing paradigm.

In episode 2, William Altman interviews Jordan Brandt, CEO of Inpher. Inpher has pioneered cryptographic Secret Computing that enables advanced analytics and machine learning while keeping data private, secure, and distributed.

Jordan answers questions on his company’s mission, his most top-of-mind cybersecurity trend in 2020, the importance of privacy preserving Big Data analytics to track the spread of Covid19, and the potential impact of privacy preserving machine learning systems on the world today.

Check out the full interview in the video above, or skip to the most relevant questions:

(1:09) Q1: What does your company do and how do you do it?

(1:39) Q2: When you think about the broad array of cybersecurity trends unfolding today from threats to regulations what is top of mind for you in 2020?

(2:44) Q3: With Inpher’s technology, healthcare groups can share sensitive encrypted data about patients, diseases, and even genetic data to create richer datasets while preserving privacy. Is this happening today? What are the implications? Could the tech be any help in finding a cure for COVID19? 

(4:08) Q4: Inpher software also enables machine learning models to be trained on distributed data sources without exposing information. Is this happening today? Why is it important? What are the implications?