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Episode #4: Cyber Insights by SOSA with Bob Lam, CEO ShardSecure

William Altman

Senior Analyst at SOSA

Apr 26, 2020

Splitting sensitive data into "microshards" can help reduce data sensitivity while lowering compliance costs and accelerating secure enterprise cloud adoption.

In episode 4, William Altman interviews Bob Lam, CEO of ShardSecure. ShardSecure’s "Microshard technology" breaks sensitive data into tiny fragments that are distributed across multiple clouds and poisoned with false shards, making it nearly impossible for hackers to reassemble.

Bob answers questions on his company’s mission, his most top-of-mind cybersecurity trend in 2020, new cloud security issues that we should be aware of, quantum computers that threaten to destroy all modern forms of cryptography, and more.

Check out the full interview in the video above, or skip to the most relevant questions:

(1:08) Q1: What does your company do and how do you do it?

(4:20) Q2: When you think about the broad array of cybersecurity trends unfolding today from threats to regulations (ex. ransomware, PII theft, nation-state threats, cyber regulations, etc.) what is top of mind for you in 2020?

(7:14) Q3: Amidst the coronavirus and subsequent near world-wide quarantine, cloud services are enabling a massive, sudden shift to a remote-first workforce. What are the new or exacerbated cloud security issues that we should be aware of in the cloud-first world we now live in?

(10:06) Q4: Quantum computers that threaten to destroy all modern forms of cryptography are being built by startups and corporations. In turn, we are seeing more cybersecurity companies claim to offer “quantum safe” products. Are these legitimate security products or just hype? What should we know to stay safe?